K-Pop Snack Break #7: EXO’s Overdose

I drew you in closer with all I had
Now I can’t turn it back
  This is clearly a dangerous addiction
  So bad no one to stop her
Her love her love
 The only thing I want is her love
 Her fatal fantasy
 I’m drunk with ecstasy
 Oh she wants me~ oh she’s got me, oh she hurts me
 What else can be better than this?
 Someone call the doctor, hold me and tell me
 Love is a sickness, an addiction, overdose
 It’s harder to control as time goes by
 I’m falling deeper into her
 Oh too much, it’s you, your love, this is overdose
 Too much, it’s you, your love, this is overdose
Seeing you inside makes me want you even more
 After my breath quickens and chokes
 I feel a shiver and then a sigh
Her love her love is like poison to me
 I can’t escape
 My blood gets hotter and she controls all of me
Everyone asks me if I changed
 It’s like you’re nailed into my heart
 My world is filled with you
I can’t stop, I’m already filled with you
 Right now, this moment, you’re in my heart
 I taste you and drink you
 My heart trembles, I keep drinking you in but it’s not enough yet
 This thirst sends shivers even to my fingertips, hold onto that moment
 Don’t stop going, it’s so good, can’t stop
 Hey doctor, it won’t go like this
 You and I will become one with the uncontrollable attraction
 Without this feeling, it’s like I am dead
 The reason I live is because of my addiction to the sweetness that is you
(Someone call the doctor)

Read more: http://www.kpoplyrics.net/exo-overdose-lyrics-english-romanized.html#ixzz315ohH9tg

I have been waiting so long for this release. If you didn’t read it, my last Snack Break I stated that my favorite male group was EXO. As you can imagine, then, I was really excited to see some new material from them. Especially since I wasn’t in love with their Miracles in December EP. I loved the title song, but was kind of unimpressed with the rest of the album.

It is kind of the same with this EP as well. I LOVE this song. I can’t stop singing it everywhere I go. It is like the first time I heard Growl (by the way Growl is still my ringtone). I was so impressed by the melody and vocals that I had to listen to it over and over again.

I like the imagery that this songs brings as well. Comparing an intoxicating love to an overdose. I can tell you that I feel that way about EXO sometimes. I’ve heard complaints about the background music and how it is over stimulating. I actually think it adds to the feeling of the song itself. It is overwhelming but at the same time catchy and addicting. All I want to do is dance when I hear it.

From the moment in the beginning with the “warning” in the background and that nervous sounding clap, you get this tense feeling. Then that initial beat comes in at the 49 second mark. The bridge at 1:13 everything except the snare sound and warning bass drops and you get a bit of a breather, but not for long. Just like an addict, you can’t go long without your addiction and that driving beat picks back up again.

The biggest problem I had with the release was the video. It wasn’t the box set concept I had a problem with. I’ve come to terms with SM’s box sets. It was the inconsistency within the boxes. I liked having the two sets with the two outfits. It felt like a Jekyl and Hyde sort of thing. But they didn’t consistently switch between the two scenes. It was kind of like the editor said “Guys, it’s too boring only having one box set. Let’s throw together another one!” They didn’t even keep the outfits within their scenes. The “suit” outfits showed up in the “street” outfit scenes but vice versa never happened.

I would have liked to see the scenes with the suits and that background confined only to when they were doing the chorus/the long rap sections. It felt like the more serious side of the song. Whereas the other parts felt lighter in mood. Kind of like saying these are all the reasons why I want her so bad. Then the bridge and chorus kicks in, it gets serious, and EXO tells us this love is dangerous and fatal.

Also, I wish they would have used the scenes in the maze more. Incorporated it more in to the video so it wasn’t just some random thing at the beginning and the end of the video.

It is sad, really, because the choreography for this song is amazing but totally lost in the video. The camera work was all over the place with horrible framing.  I would say for this release, skip the music video and wait for the live performance. EXO-M already has a couple of live performances up. Check out the one below. This performance is amazing.

What I find interesting is how much I love EXO-M over EXO-K. They sing the same songs, just in different languages, but I always feel a stronger draw to M over K. I don’t think it is because the more talented members are in M, I just think that the overall group meshes together better. I like their overall sound better than EXO-K.

I can’t quite put my finger on why M flows better as a group. Part of it I think has to do with the vocal’s members and the rapper’s members styles being very similar to each other. In other words, all of the members of the vocal portion of M have similar styles and all of rapping members have similar styles. They seem more like a cohesive group than K because of that.

I also think it is because I do have a bias towards the Hip-Hop/Rap genre and Kris and Tao are arguably the better rappers in EXO.

There was just something about the song Love, Love, Love that really pointed me out to the difference. M’s sound was sultry and sexy while K’s felt forced and awkward. Around 1:06 are the following lyrics:

Reality doesn’t come. Why isn’t this a dream?
Even I don’t believe it. Is it right that you’re a human?
You don’t know right? You probably don’t know
My heart towards you is love, love love

Read more: http://www.kpoplyrics.net/exo-love-love-love-lyrics-english-romanized.html#ixzz315yIxFgY

EXO-K’s version sounds like the vocalist is shouting it while EXO-M’s sounds like a pleading.

What are your thoughts on the new release? Loved it, hated it? Let me know in the comments below!