Doctor Stranger: On The Downhill?

I’m going to preface this by saying I’ve fallen in love with the characters of Doctor Stranger. I just wish that the writers would quit torturing them already.

I’m writing this as I sit down to watch tonight’s episode with anticipation on where the story is going to lead. I won’t lie and say I’m not worried, though. Hoon just can’t seem to catch a break. And frankly, neither can I. This past week we see Jae Joon turn on his fiancé Soo Hyun (I don’t see their relationship lasting much longer). And Seung Hee admits to being Jae Hee…

I realize that they are trying to go for the whole suspense thriller thing; but COME ON ALREADY! I get it. Jae Hee is now a free agent and working both sides. Or is she? We don’t know, I doubt the writers know. It really does seem like they are making up stuff as they go at this point.

In case you are lost, let me give you a quick recap of events.

So Hoon thought that he had “killed” Jae Hee by not being able to keep a hold of her hand on the bridge and so she fell into the river. He then goes on to live life in South Korea. Through some turn of events he ends up working in a hospital where we sees someone who mysteriously looks like Jae Hee… but she’s not… but she is as of this episode. Confusing? Yeah, I’m lost at all the plot twists in turns in this show as well. But I still watch it!!

Honestly, it is Kang So Ra’s character that keeps me around. She gives me hope for the future of the show. Her storyline at this point is the only one showing progress. I love seeing her rose colored glasses come off when it comes to her father, mother, and fiancé.

How do you feel about Doctor Stranger? After this past weeks episode I see the whole show as one big tease and I still can’t wait to watch the next episode.