June Releases… This Is Just Week 2

Oh man… The first week of June hit me hard with the music releases.

Already in June we’ve had releases by U-Kiss, Taeyang, B.A.P, Boyfriend, Crush, Dynamic Duo, Psy, and B2ST. These are just the artists I like and it only gets better. We have G0t7 coming back and Winner debuting making June 2014 a month to remember.

Today I want to talk about my three favorite releases:  U-Kiss, Taeyang, and Crush.

U-Kiss:  Quit Playing


I fell in love with this song at first listen. The music video left me with other thoughts. The song first, though. This song is a product of Duble Sidekick who have produced some of my favorite K-Pop Songs. I’ll list a few here:

MBLAQ- This Is War
T-ARA N4- Jeonwon Diary
Bang Yong Guk ft. Yeosob- I Remember

The team of composers known as Double Sidekick have already made a name for themselves this year by producing Girl’s Day’s Something track earlier this year. They are definitely making a name for themselves.

In this song they are truly at their best. The beginning guitar riff sets up the sultry, sexy, sad mood. What I really liked most about it was that you could feel the sadness the singer is feeling. It is conveyed the best in the chorus where, instead of  powerful ballad-like vocals, we get a subtle and subdued vocals. The song is told through the man’s perspective as he has to watch his girlfriend flirt and pick up other guys. It seems like this is something she does regularly and is what she did to catch his attention.

That smile you only showed me
Why are you showing it so easily to others?
Words that I held in but can’t anymore
If you love me, then stop

Now, the video. Can we say unnecessary? I like the more “mature concept” in the dance and frankly Eli’s scenes were hot. But come one. You don’t even give us any warning or build up time but right in the first 10 seconds we see Hoon and Kiseop in a threesome. While I will say it is refreshing to not have to fight for women’s rights in videos, but odd that I have to give crap about a threesome featuring two guys and one girl. Let’s just leave it at, I don’t condone selling sex by either gender.

Taeyang: Eyes, Nose, Lips

I didn’t fall in love with Taeyang’s release at first. It took a while and I’m still not sure that I love it as much as the other two releases I’m focusing on in this blog. I’ve never been in love with Taeyang’s ballads. I don’t think it is his strong suit. That being said, I do love the other songs on his album more musically. I do, however, LOVE the lyrics to this song.

Don’t be sorry,
that makes me more pitiful.
With your pretty red lips
please hurry, kill me and go.
I’m all right.
Look at me one last time
Smile like nothing’s wrong,
so when I miss you I can remember.
So I can draw your face in my mind.

My selfishness that couldn’t let you go
turned into an obsession that imprisoned you.
Were you hurt because of me?
You sit silently.
Why am I a fool, why can’t I forget you.
You’re already gone.

Your eyes, nose, lips
Your touch that used to touch me,
to the ends of your fingertips.
I can still feel you
but like a burnt out flame,
burnt and destroyed
all of our love
it hurts so much, but now I’ll call you a memory.

Love you, loved you
I must have not been enough
Maybe I could see you just once by coincidence.
Everyday I grow restless,
Everything about you is becoming faint.
You smile back in our pictures,
unknowing of our approaching farewell.


Your black eyes that only saw me
Your nose that held the sweetest breath
Your lips that whispered ‘i love you, i love you’..I….


These lyrics are just beautiful. And let me make myself clear. Taeyang has no problem conveying the strong emotion behind them, his problem comes with conveying the delicate emotion behind them. At the beginning it should be delicate and then grow stronger. Taeyang has breath issues, you can hear it in most of his songs. That would make it harder for him to convey those delicate little details.

Now, it is no fault of Taeyang’s at all. Most singers have a hard times getting the breathing control down. A good example of progress would be the artist Lee Seung Gi. Listen to his first song Noona Is My Woman compared to his latest release Return. You can see the progression in his control over the years.

There really isn’t much to say about this music video. It is frankly really boring. So this really wasn’t my favorite release by Taeyang, but I had my hopes pretty high. It is not the best release by Taeyang but it is an AMAZING release on its own and shouldn’t be thought little of just because I didn’t thing it was Taeyang caliber.

Crush:  Hug Me

This is my favorite release out of the three. Oh man, I love this song so much. Everything about it. Amazing and I can’t stop listening to it. Every day. The dance (he kills it), the lyrics, the cinematography. I really loved it all.

Now, no, it was not perfect. Crush’s voice is good, not great, and there were some scenes in the video that left me going:  “What?” (see the random sexy caressing of the flower). Crush is a producer, and that is very clear throughout the song. Lets get a little background on this guy.

He is signed to Amoeba Culture (a hip-hop/R&B label) and is in the crew VV: D (pronounced Vivid) with Zion T, Gray, Loco, and ELO- also some of the best up and coming stuff out there right now. He has worked with Gary, Dynamic Duo, Supreme Team, and of course other members of VV: D. So while he is new to the scene on a solo basis, he is not new to the scene on a colab basis.


What has been your favorite release so far this year? Do you think the releases this year are better than lasts? Let me know below!