Doctor Stranger Series Review

I will start off by saying I both loved and hated the ending.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 3.56.57 PMDoctor Stranger was an odd series to be involved in. There are dramas that you marathon. They are light, breezy, and most of the time lovey-dovey. They are Hong Sisters dramas like You’re Beautiful and Master’s Sun or the Flower Boy Series such as Flower Boy Ramyun Shop or Shut Up Flower Boy Band. With Doctor Stranger, though, you knew pretty early on that it would reck you emotionally in its roller coaster ride. A show like Doctor Stranger is too high and low for a person to endure for 20 hours straight yet in all its ups and downs you will find yourself hoping for just a little more.

There were many times this series seemed repetitive. It never seemed unoriginal when you compare to other series, but there were a couple of weeks I that seemed like deja vu of the week before. I don’t know how many times we had to go through the “Is she Jae Hee or is she not.” Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 3.58.27 PMThe worst part about it was that there was no real question that she wasn’t. The entire series was riding on the fact that Sung Hee either was an amnesia-fied or brain washed version of Jae Hee. So spreading out this conflict only seemed like lazy story telling. Biding our time until we could get to the juicy stuff when there was no need. We had plenty of different conflicts to expand upon and fill our time.

That gets me to my next point. Why was the conflict of Doctor Oh, her father, and Jae Joon built up so much only to fall so flat. Jae Joon could have been such an interesting character and fell into the Jae Hee repetitive trap. Is he a good doctor or not. Does he love Oh Soo Hyun or not?

How do you stick through a drama that seems to have so much going wrong with the plot? Amazing characters.
DS20avi_003344477What the series producers did 100 percent right was casting Lee Jung Suk as our leading man Park Hoon. His character was the sole reason why I stuck through this drama. Park Hoon is a complicated character. He has been to hell and back and yet he still cracks jokes and has enough passion for 10 other happier people. Playing a character that emotionally deep and complicated is not for just any actor. This series most definitely made me fan of Lee and I will be watching everything he is in from here on out.

Then we have the character of Doctor Oh. I didn’t have a good impression of Kang So Ra. After all she did star in that disaster of a series called Dream High 2. What really amazed me was the thought that just two years ago, she was playing a character that was at least 10 years younger than the one she played in Doctor Stranger. It makes me think back to her Dream High performance realize that is what that project was so wrong for her. She was made for these more serious deep roles. Doctor Oh really was the character the audience could relate to. She symbolized the audience in the story. She never had a big play in the plot’s end but was the driving force behind a lot of action and character development.

Now from here on out, I need to vent about the ending. Beware.







Wow, was that an ending. The biggest complaint I have about Asian storytelling is the ending. Every time I get the end of a drama/movie/book there is all this build up and no time to resolve it. I can now show a true example of an awesome ending. The ending alone made this entire series worth it.


I have not loved an ending of a drama so much. It was equal parts sad, happy, and complete with some room still left for the imagination. Even though they did the repetitive thing again, with Jae Hee and Park Hoon being separated for a year, I was still extremely satisfied. It would have been perfectly logical for Jae Hee and Park Hoon to not have survived. I am so glad they did. That ending was the most gratifying thing I have watched in so long.

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