You’re All Surrounded Series Review

Pros and Cons of You’re All Surrounded

Pro:  Character Chemistry

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All of the actors in this drama worked really well together. They couldn’t have picked a better ensemble for this story. They had a good mix of familiar faces to entice us while giving us a good crop of not so well known actors. It made the show not rely on star power, but more on talent and chemistry of actors.

Con:  Character Chemistry


I did not believe the romance between Dae Gu and Soo Seon one bit. It was clear that was the intent from the beginning and yet it felt so out of the blue. One moment I’m mad at you, the next I’m going to kiss you to make you shut up, and then be angry again only to fall in love overnight. Whatever.

Pro:  Campiness


I really enjoyed the campiness of this drama. It was done right. A show with this heavy of a subject matter needed something to even it out. I felt that the campy moods were in direct, good proportion to the emotional ones. I found myself not being able to get enough of them!

Con:  The Detective Work


These really were some of the worst detectives I have ever seen depicted. Granted, my comparison is to shows like Law and Order but still. Things randomly being thought of off the top of their head (Yes! That looks like how a metal cellphone in a yellow envelope would have been around 11 years ago!). Sometimes I honestly wonder if drama writers are just professional internet trolls with a day job. I mean, do they really expect us to believe this stuff?

Final Arguments

Overall, this was a decent show to watch. This is one that would be a fun marathon at a sleepover. Plenty of suspense and scares as well as mushy and lovey moments. I don’t know that I would ever want to sit down and watch this show all over again, but I would definitely watch certain moments on youtube.


Last but not least. The Police Cheif’s house was the same house In Young lived in from I Need Romance. I would never mistake that corner for anything! If you know what I’m talking about, go back and watch episode 18 of You’re All Surrounded and any episode of I Need Romance!