KPop 2014 Mid Year Review Part 2

This list will be significantly smaller. I find it hard to get into girl groups. Most of them are promoted the exact same–like this year it was sexy concepts for the first quarter and short hair for the second. I find myself really liking groups that break through that mold and do something a little different. There were a few that caught my attention this year. Without further ado, here are my favorite girl group releases.

Girl’s Generation- Mr. Mr.

I was feeling down about girl group releases this year until Girl’s Generation came back. January was full of “sexy concepts” that I’m just not a fan of. I knew Girl’s Generation wouldn’t disappoint. This song is so fresh without loosing that Girl’s Generation feel of tough but girly. I like songs heavy on bass and electronic beats. Combine that with a catchy chorus and you’ve got a really good song. I really liked the video as well. I liked the interesting editing techniques. It went really well with the electro sound of the song.

2ne1- Crush


2ne1… you also never fail me. I was the most excited for this release. The entire album was so good. From the girl’s anthem Crush as the opening to the acoustic version of Come Back Home in the closing, I see this album already toping my favorites of 2014. Highlights of the album for me are MTBD (CL Solo) and If I Were You as my favorite songs. We also get the Korean version of their Japanese release, Scream. This album also marked CL’s debut as a writer and composer. I hope we see more of her work in the future.

Orange Caramel- Catellena

I love Orang Caramel and their quirkiness. Lipstick is one of my favorite songs to just be crazy to. These girls are just plain sassy fun! Catellena is no different. Their sushi outfits were just fantastic as well. I would be lying if I said that the maknae line of After School was the best singers in KPop, but they certainly are one of the more stronger performers. I’m sharing their live performance because I think this is the girls’ strong point. Their facial expressions on stage are great.

A Pink- Pink Blossom


I haven’t really listened to the entire mini album yet… but A Pink is one of those anomaly groups for me. If you couldn’t tell by my posts yet, I’m not into serious cute. Orange Caramel gets away with it because they are funny cute. A Pink is just cute cute, but it works for them. They do it right. They do have a lot of aegyo in their performances, but it does’t overtake them either. The other thing that seems to stand out for them is their vocals. They really have amazing vocals in this group and on average their vocals aren’t as high as most girl groups.

Davichi- Meeting After Breaking Up

On the surface, this music video was a complete mess. But try watching it again and stop before the last 30 seconds… Those were some seriously wasted seconds. The entire video could have been a really good love triangle story (and show was 1/3 of K-Drama’s plots are). The other thing is, the lyrics don’t exactly match up with the video–like it kind of does if you squint real hard and hold it away from you so you can imagine what really is happening… I did really like the song, though. Davichi is a vocal power group. They never have problems with that. Their music videos on the other hand….