Trot Lovers Series Review

Some shows you come across you can tell right away if they are going to be really good or really bad. Then there are the shows that keep you guessing on if they will be worth your time. These shows are the worst. These are the types of shows that get your hopes up. They are going to break the Kdrama mold and do something different only to fall into the same drama tropes as every other drama ever made. At this point in drama watching it isn’t about the outcome of the drama anymore but how they get there. We all know who the main male lead is and who our main female lead is and that they will end together. But the fun for dramas now a days is the journey we see our main couple go on. Trot Lovers, like the name, strolled the pathway of romantic dramadies with relatively no surprises and change of scenery.

As far as dramas go, Trot Lovers was as straight forward as dramas can be. They didn’t take any chances or risks. It started and ended exactly how you would expect a drama to start and end. The two leads bickered, loved, separated for the good of the other, and got back again. There was amnesia and scheming mothers. There was an old person who butted in too much in order for the leads to get closer. There was a father who was good for nothing and down on his luck. There was a strong minded, girl-next-door heroine who struggled to make ends meet for her and her family (with multiple jobs of course). There was the cocky, rich leading man who is really good at heart, he just needs our heroine. It had EVERY cliche.

So why did I stick with this one all the way through? I had naive hope. The two leads promised more. Eunji had recently done Reply 1997 which was absolutely amazing. This was Ji Hyun Woo’s first drama after Queen In Hyun’s man and army duty (also amazing). They were both so good in that drama. And they were really good in this drama as well. I just wish they had a better script.

Then there was the second male lead and the second female lead. This is the only slight difference from other dramas. They were a lot more creepy than most second leads. Shin Sung Rok’ character made me feel so uneasy through out the entire show. I know he just played a serial killer in You Who Came From The Stars, but I think he forgot to leave that vibe behind. Then there was the actual murderous ex-girlfriend played by Lee Se Young. I honestly felt the worst for these actors/characters. If everything had to be so cookie cutter, why couldn’t they have done the same to the second leads?

While it was very cliche, they could have had a solid drama on their hands had they not messed with anything. Unfortunately, they had to change things up and make a over the top, intense second leads. This drama didn’t stand a chance with the script writing. Even with a star-studded, talented actor line up.