I Return

First, I want to say I’m sorry for being away for so long. I killed my computer and quite honestly haven’t been that big into K-Pop or K-Dramas in most of 2014 and 2015. I left a lot of blog posts unfinished and I probably will not finish ones that I have started (minus the piece on Coffee Prince because I missed this one so much).

But I am back and plan to stick around for the long haul. I missed this space so much. I believe I was happiest when I was able to write and express in this medium.

I’m excited to get lost in the world of K-Dramas again. I have started watching a few already.


  • I’m awfully sorry that I was not able to watch Descendants of the Sun as it aired. This drama is so amazing and I am only episode six. (Side note, I’m renaming this drama to Falling in Love in a Car. Seriously, how many lead-couple-driving scenes does one show need?) This is one of those dramas you know are going to be good from the very first scene. Song Joon Ki is a favorite of mine. Check out my review of his movie, Wolf Boy, here. This is the first project he worked on after his active military duty and it is quite fitting. The plot:  A soldier falls in love with a doctor but will their busy schedules and different ideals keep them apart?


  • Morrim School is one that I didn’t think I would want to start watching  (and sometimes it can be a downright bore). While EXTREMELY cliche, the drama plot knows how to keep the mystery going to keep me watching. I’m going to finish this one, I’m on episode eight, but it is definitely a throw away drama. I understand why they reduced it from 20 to 16 episodes. Sometimes, though, you just watch a show for the fun of it. Will I get any deep meaning from this drama? No. Will I squeal a lot from childish romance scenes and over the top drama? Yes, and I’m not ashamed. Plot:  Moorim Institute is a school that vows to teach virtues through discipline and teamwork.


  • Finally, Doctor Crush has grabbed me hook, line, and sinker. I will definitely keep watching this drama every week if the episodes are this good. This could definitely be the drama that makes me a Park Shin Hye fan. More on this drama next week.



Descendants of the Sun wasn’t the only thing I was sad I missed. Lee Seung Gi went in the army for mandatory duty until October 2017. Do I need to say more? Yes, yes I do. My grieving game is strong. It came out of nowhere (give me a break, I was out of the loop for soooo long)! His video for Meet Someone Like Me  made me bawl my eyes out. The opening scene of his first single, Because You’re my Woman, to him getting his georgeous hair cut. The army has taken another idol with promises of only more this year. In the meantime I’m finally finishing King 2 Hearts and eagerly anticipating his movie Marital Harmony due out this year.

Let’s end this welcome back post with some other great music releases recently.

  • My boys U-Kiss made a comeback with Stalker. I’ll admit I don’t love this song. It is alright, definitely not their best. They had been promoting in Japan since their last single Quit Playing. They seem to like the creepy feel lately. The EP itself was well done and a solid collection of songs. It will, however, be quite forgettable at the year goes on. One question I do have:  Does anyone know what happened to AJ?


  • It is exciting to see how big the Korean Hip Hop scene has become on the charts! Crush and Zion T became household names and now recently Comfortable by One featuring Simon D and Gray was getting some love on the charts as well! I’ve been following Gray for quite a while and love his producing skills. A new favorite song of mine is Fantasy by artist Babylon. He is new on the scene and someone I am looking forward to hearing more of.


  • Jessica is back after being booted out of SNSD! I quite honestly haven’t heard her song. But I did hear old group mate Tiffany’s new song(s). I really liked Heartbreak Hotel featuring Simon D (he seems to be a big name in collaborations recently). And finally another SNSD alum, Taeyon, released her solo track Starlight featuring Dean as well. This seems to be the year of Girl’s Generation solo projects. Can we get a Sunny solo soon?


  • SM Entertainment also released a new group called NCT and I have to say this sounds like the most convoluted idea they could have come up with. So the group will solely consist of sub units that have yet to all be decided and will be in different languages and promote in other countries. They are a rap focused group that debuted seven of their members but only six of them are actually promoting the song in Korea. Didn’t you try and fail that with EXO? NCT U debuted as the Korean sub unit (does anyone know what the “U” stands for?) featuring some of the Chinese sub unit members. If someone could better explain this group to me, I would be appreciative. I’m assuming they will have a Chinese unit and probably a Japanese unit. Will they have an English speaking unit as well? What about other contries? Will they ever promote as one big group? I want to support them because I like both their songs Without You and The 7th Sense.


  • Speaking of EXO, let’s talk about their new release. *warning* Fangirl moment happening *warning* Wow. Just wow. Every time I think EXO couldn’t top themselves they do. They are just amazing humans. Both Lucky One and Monster are amazing. I like the fierceness of Monster little bit more, and the music video a lot more, but both songs were very catchy and well done. Their album EX’ACT was also very well done. My favorite non-promoted song on the album is Cloud 9. And a side note while you watch this performance of Monster, Xumin’s little chest shake/hip shuffle thing he does at about the 2:00 minute mark is the most awkward dance ever. He is my favorite member and I’m so excited that he finally has more parts and simultaneously scared that SM will take them away for this move alone.

And that is where I will end this post. I know B2ST just released a new song, Butterfly, but I want to wait until their album and promoted video are released to explore that more. What is the biggest piece of news/show/song that you think I really missed out on this past year of K-Pop hiatus? Let me know in the comments down below!