Valentines Day: Drama Kiss Marathon

I wanted to make a blog post about my favorite drama episodes to watch on Valentines day. While yes I know that Valentines day is over, these are not just episodes I watch on Valentines day. I watch them when I need a good happy cry, need a good sad cry, need to cry in general. I think you get the emotional appeal.

MAJOR WARNING: SPOILERS ARE SURE TO FOLLOW. I mean, I’m talking about single episodes hear, most of which occur during the middle half of the drama or near the end. If you don’t want to be spoiled, skip to the next title.


The classic they hate each other to they love each other drama. In episode 23, the second to last episode of the series, we find that our lovers are finally realizing their feelings for each other. Of course it comes at the most in opportune time as the Crown Prince, Shin (played by Joo Ji Hoon), is being tried for arson and his bride is being slandered for comments she made before she started to love him. Everything leads up to this moment where an emotionally drained Chae Kyung (played by the fabulous Yoon Eun Hye) pleads with Shin to let her stay.

The best part about this scene is the end. Them imagining their life if she has to take care of the family is just so cute and refreshing to see in a teen romance. It just makes you hopeful that even though we make mistakes, if you truly love someone you can work it out.

Queen In Hyun’s Man

This drama. Man was it full of so many different scenes I cold have chosen. I decided to go with the “Elevator Kiss” from episode four. Our hero, Boong Do (played by Ji Hyun Woo), is a time traveling Joseon man (Joseon being the time in Korean history of Kings and Queens) who keeps finding himself in the 21st century right before he is about to be killed. Hee Jin (played by Yoo In Na) is the woman who keeps finding him.

What I like so much about this particular scene is how open the character of Hee Jin is about her feelings. Both being this early in the episode and that she is a woman. Typical Korean dramas have strong female characters when it comes to how much they dislike our heroes. The moment they fall in love, however, they become meek and mild damsels in distress. She is so bold in how she feels and keeps that momentum up throughout the series. While the series itself drags near the end with the hijinks and winding plots that don’t ever seem to really make sense, the character of Hee Jin and her chemistry with Boong Do keep you watching.

Bonus video: The Player Kiss

Coffee Prince

Han Gyul has hired Eun Chan to work in his coffee shop of “pretty boys” not knowing the Eun Chan is actually a girl. He fights with his feelings during the first half of the series trying to figure out if he is actually gay or not. Everything finally comes to a screeching halt during this scene. Pro tip: skip ahead to time stamp 11:53

This is my all-time favorite drama for many reasons. Eun Hye (see Goong) is a phenomenal Eun Chan and the chemistry between Eun Chan and Han Gyul (played by Gong Yoo) is one of the best in the drama world. The biggest reason I love this drama, and particularly this scene, is the way that the drama deals with same sex relationships. Gong Yoo plays Han Gyul beautifully as he helps the character navigate the the his journey towards his sexuality.


These are some of my personal favorites. What are yours? I know I didn’t feature any recent dramas. Is there a new one that I absolutely need to have on this list?

Have a happy and drama filled Valentines Day.