Drama Recaps: May 24-May 30

Man was this a pivotal week for all the dramas I’ve been watching. Angle Eyes is up first. Shit has hit the fan folks. Teddy is in love with Dong Joon’s sister but… Continue reading

K-Pop Snack Break #8: K-Pop Favorites Pt. 2-Agencies

Not gonna lie… it feels awkward talking about this subject with the recent EXO controversy. But we won’t dwell into that beyond this first couple of sentences. Have you ever wondered how many… Continue reading

Drama Recaps: May 19-May 23

I can’t make myself write a recap over every individual drama and I’m still a week behind in You’re All Surrounded. I’m finding it really difficult to keep up with reviews if only because… Continue reading

Musings #4: On Absences

As you have probably noticed, I have not done a review for Angel Eyes, Doctor Stranger, and a review for You’re All Surrounded will not be coming anytime soon. Sorry. I have recently moved! I am… Continue reading

You’re All Surrounded Blog #1: Episodes 1-2

Wow, I’m glad I waited through the last drama cycle because this one is proving to be pretty great! You’re All Surrounded came out on top for its time slot and I feel like… Continue reading

K-Pop Snack Break #7: EXO’s Overdose

I drew you in closer with all I had Now I can’t turn it back This is clearly a dangerous addiction So bad no one to stop her Her love her love The… Continue reading

Doctor Stranger Blog #2: Episode 2

The previews and promotional bits led us to believe that Park Hoon would only find a look-a-like of his love Song Jae Hee. It turns out, though, that he might actually find Jae… Continue reading

Doctor Stranger Blog #1: Episode 1

I didn’t really think I was going to like this drama. It screams everything that I would hate:  Medical, melodrama, action… Don’t get me wrong. I actually love all of these things in… Continue reading

Angel Eyes Blog #4: Episodes 7-8

Watching Angel Eyes is like thrift store shopping. You walk in, see what looks to be a bunch of useless, outdated, junk. If you have the patients to wade through the piles and… Continue reading

Musings #3: I’m Married…

Y   That is right y’all! He’s mine! Eun Chan step aside!   So I recently stumbled on this sight called Marry Your Favorite Character. That is right. You can now marry your favorite… Continue reading