Just You Blog #3: Episodes 13-21

Yeah… I finished nine episodes in five days. You think that is bad, remember I Need Romance? I finished six episodes in two days, five of which were day one. This is why I… Continue reading

Angel Eyes Blog #3: Episodes 5-6

As I’m sitting here writing this first part I’m running late to meet a friend and I’ve gotten 1/3 of the way through episode six. I’ve been staring at my computer screen with… Continue reading

Just You Blog #2: Episodes 3-12

So I said I would put up a review after I finished episode 10. Well… then I wanted to keep watching so I finished episode 12. It was actually a better place to… Continue reading

Musings #2: Sewol

This post isn’t going to be long at all. I just wanted to give out my prayers for all of those that were affected this past week. I also want to give out… Continue reading

Angel Eyes Blog #2: Episodes 3-4

And the dramatics continue in full force! I’m trying to think back the most melodrama-ish shows I’ve watched… Autumn In My Heart City Hunter Goong Love Rain The Princess’s Man White Christmas Out of… Continue reading

K-Pop Snack Break #6: K-Pop Favorites Pt. 1-Groups

I love the 80’s. Music, fashion, movies.  Enough said. Blog done. Ok… so I have more to say… I wanted to do a blog like this. One where I really got to show… Continue reading

Angel Eyes Blog #1: Episodes 1-2

Wow.. that was some start. Are all weekend dramas this dramatic?? I was thinking back to all the dramas I’ve seen and I realized that I have seen a weekend drama before. I… Continue reading

And The Weekend Drama Is…

Angle Eyes. Earlier this week I said I was going to start reviewing a weekend drama. And sometimes I do keep my promises… (*ahem* two days late on the Just You review…) I’m… Continue reading

Just You Blog #1: Episode 1-2

I just finished the first two episodes of Just You. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. If the drama keeps up this kind of chemistry between our two leads, I might… Continue reading

Musings #1: It’s Been A While… Sorry

Hey everyone! I’ve been gone quite a long time. In case you were worried, yes I am still alive. So what have I been up to since it is obviously not posting? Well…… Continue reading