INR 3 Blog #6: Episodes 13-16

Oh man did I love this show. Part of me wishes this had been more popular so that it could have had an extension, but then I kind of like it short and… Continue reading

YWCFTS #8: Episodes 14-21

So I haven’t written about this drama in a while. Mainly because I was finding it hard to write about it. I couldn’t figure out why, either. I like the drama. It’s funny.… Continue reading

INR 3 Blog #5: Episodes 11-12

Oh man Joo Yeon… remember last week when I said to run? Why aren’t you running yet? Why do you have to be so naive? We are caught between this major contrast of… Continue reading

K-Pop Snack Break #5: January Playlist Rotation

Rain: 30 Sexy, La Song This wasn’t a great comeback from Rain, but it sure was a hella awesome. I don’t like the mini album as a whole, you can skip it and just… Continue reading

INR 3 Blog #4: Episodes 7-10

I think it is so funny that Joo Wan is being her relationship coach. More like life coach. He is teaching her how to be a functional human again. Does he realize he… Continue reading

YWCFTS #7: Episode 13

I don’t have a lot to say yet about this past episode. This may seem like a pointless blog but I wanted you all to know I was still around! I will say… Continue reading

INR 3 Blog #3: Episodes 5-6

We get more insight into our heroine’s character. The more and more I find out about her, the more familiar she seems. I know a lot of times people relate to the main… Continue reading

YWCFTS #6: Episodes 11-12

While I might not always like the chemistry between Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun as a romantic relationship, I do like how they play off each other. I just wish it… Continue reading

INR 3 Blog #2: Episode 3-4

I’m starting to like this show more now that we are focused less on our main characters and the secondary ones get some spotlight. I’m also finding that I like our lead actress… Continue reading

I Need Romance 3

The I Need Romance series is back this week. I recently reviewed the original series and found that I loved its fresh take on women in dramas and romance. I did not see I Need Romance… Continue reading