YWCFTS #5: Episodes 7-8

I feel like sometimes I can be too hard on this drama. I really like it. I do. But it is because I like it that I’m hard on it. With all the flaws… Continue reading

Twenty Years Old: Watching A Fanfic

This short four episode web series was adorable. At just 20 minutes long each, the entire story was only 80 minutes long. Just long enough to show us a sweet, endearing romance and… Continue reading

YWCFTS Blog #4: Episodes 5-6

I’m still really liking this show. It is just a solid drama. Not perfect by any means-which I will get to later-but pretty great. Episode 5 shows a really big turning point for… Continue reading

YWCFTS Blog #3: Episodes 3-4

Seriously! This drama is so sweet in all the right ways. I think I’m getting a toothache. Which kind of make the dark scenes that much darker. This show is riced full of comedic… Continue reading

YWCFTS Blog #2: Episodes 1-2

Wow. This drama is getting me right off of the gate. It is fast paced, full of fun, and plenty of drama that isn’t too dramatic. If the drama keeps this up, I… Continue reading

You Who Came From The Stars

Hey all! I just finished the first episode of the drama You Who Came From The Stars. I want to start out this drama by telling you all why I really wanted to review… Continue reading

INR Blog #3: Episodes 14-16

I made it through the series with a little bit of my heart still in tact. It is still in my chest but it is broken and weeping for sure. Harsh? Maybe. Episode… Continue reading

INR Blog #2: Episodes 8-13

Seo Yeon is probably my favorite character in the drama. I lover her no nonsense, this is just who I am attitude. Even if sometimes it is really shallow. She works hard and… Continue reading

I Need Romance Blog #1: Episodes 1-6

Well, I may have just found my new drama crack… As I sit down to write this blog I am just finishing episode six. Five of which I marathoned yesterday on my day… Continue reading

The Heirs Blog #19: Episode 20

Well, that was quite the finale. Why did this show have to wait until the last two episodes to have a good plot? Nevertheless, it was a good ending. It left enough loose… Continue reading