The Heirs Blog #3: Episode 3

Episode 3 has just been watched and I am slowly starting to try and figure this drama out. There are plenty of cliches but also plenty of times this drama has surprised me.… Continue reading

Adolescence Medley: Short, Sweet, And To The Point

This was my first Drama Special I have ever seen. I feel like the Drama Special series is not talked about much. They are simple mainly one episode dramas that KBS2 airs. They are part… Continue reading

The Heirs Blog #2: Episode 2

Yesterday I watched the first episode of The Heirs and had a great conversation about it over at Dramabeans. I was debating whether or not to stick with it and decided to wait until… Continue reading

The Heirs

Well, I just finished Episode 1. I should have known from all the stills, behind the scene photos, and teasers that this was going to be rocky. There were a lot of things… Continue reading

What’s Up Fox: I Lost All My Feels Among The Tantrums

Oh. My. Goodness. This drama should have been the death of me. If it wasn’t for that last episode. Go Byung Hee is a 30-something journalist for a sex magazine. She is head-over-heels… Continue reading

To The Beautiful You: Encouraging Saessang Fans Everywhere

I marathoned this drama. I got through all 16 episodes in 3 days. I’m a little ashamed of myself I have to admit. But it was just so c-u-t-e, CUTE!!! Every episode left… Continue reading

Kpop Snack Break #2: Indie K-Pop, The Genre You Need To Know

Last Snack Break I showed you my favorite K-Pop videos. Today I will be sharing some Indie bands that I really like. Has any other K-Indie lover out there notice the latest trend… Continue reading

Secretly, Greatly: A Movie That You Never Saw Coming

I am glad that I watched this when my roommates were upstairs asleep. They are use to me watching these weird/over-dramatic Korean television shows and movies, but this one takes the cake. The… Continue reading

Penny Pinchers: It Takes Some Time, But Pays Off In The End

This movie was a riot. Enough said. Now go watch it. Just kidding… This is not how this movie made me feel. Though, Han Ye Seul’s expression is pretty straight on. I came… Continue reading

A Werewolf Boy: Bit, But Not Fully Transformed

It has been a while since anything has hit me this hard emotionally. I’m always extremely weary of things that make me like that. There were a lot of things I liked about A Werewolf Boy. It wasn’t a completely terrible of a film which is why I want to be so hard on it. A Werewolf Boy had all the makings of a spectacular movie if it had only been done a little cleaner.