K-Drama Snack Break #1: My Favorite K-Pop Videos

I wanted to do something a little different so I don’t get burned out on Kdrama reviews. I am a huge lover of Kpop as well (it comes with the territory) so I thought I would showcase some of my favorite videos!

Good Doctor Blog #1: Episode 1-6

I just finished the first six episodes of the new Melodrama Series, Good Doctor. It stars Joo Won as Park Shi On. An Autistic Savant, he has the emotional capacity of a 10 year-old with the smarts of someone who has been in the medical field for years. This show is light and funny in some parts but heavy and over-dramatic most of the time.

Coffee Prince Blog #2: Episode 1-2

What I really liked about this episode was the strong character intros. The characters were cliche, but they seemed real, unlike other dramas I have watched… this is the start of the relationship between Eun Chan and Han Gyul. Equally annoying to each other and equally good for each other. It also shows the dynamic we will see of them throughout the show. Eun Chan will continue to soften Han Gyul’s personality. Han Gyul will show Eun Chan that she doesn’t always have to do it all.

Coffee Prince Blog #1: Getting To Know the Characters

I’m am a huge fan of Coffee Prince. I still haven’t found a drama that I like more than this one. I have watched this drama in it’s entirety at least three times; maybe four or five by now. I’m about to watch it again and this time I want to blog about it.

One thing that I absolutely love about Coffee Prince is how much they dwell into the lives of the side characters. Before I started in on the critical analysis of each episode, I wanted to introduce you the population of the show.